‘We will never forget’ – carrying rehabilitation assistance into the future

(兵庫県支部)①-5約700食があっという間に終了した兵庫県赤十字奉仕団の炊き出し.JPG (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

The events included such activities as making hot meal in Hyogo.

Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and memory of the earthquake is gradually fading. In response, the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS), implemented a nation-wide campaign in March promoting a unity theme: ‘We will never forget.’ The JRCS staff worked along with the volunteer corps and individual volunteers, the Junior Red Cross, and relevant companies to prevent this fading of memory, foster cooperation, and raise awareness of disaster prevention. The aim was to carry out reconstruction assistance into the future.


During that time, JRCS staff members, people associated with the JRCS, and a wide range of supporters wore a badge bearing a symbol designed for the project. On March 11, the JRCS staff members at most of the JRCS facilities worked in the disaster relief uniforms as a reminder of their role as disaster relief personnel.

Furthermore, each Red Cross prefectural chapters held an ‘earthquake reconstruction and disaster prevention event’ to enable participants to learn about providing assistance following a disaster. The events included such activities as making hot meal and practicing disaster relief.