Hot! Delicious! Specialty of the Red Cross Volunteer Corps!

Hot Meal Provision: A Disaster Relief Activity being carried out through "FOOD"!

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I was eating nothing but emergency food, so I was thankful to get something freshly made." "Hot meals gave a sense of relief to my heart and body." —— In times of disaster, Hot Meal Provision which supports victims living in evacuation shelters, is one of the typical activities being carried out by the Red Cross Volunteer Corps across the nation. Hot meals play a significant role in encouraging victims, and sometimes support helpers who perform rescues, etc. Easier to prepare and more delicious menus are being developed continuously by each volunteer corp. To share these results, the Japanese Red Cross Society has recently issued "The Red Cross Volunteer Corps: A Collection of Hot Meal Recipes” for the volunteer corps. It is expected to raise their awareness in supporting victims and to vitalize their activities.

Finally completed! "The Red Cross Volunteer Corps: A Collection of Hot Meal Recipes"
82 Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine are included in the collection. Inside is a rich variety of menus for the four categories: staple food, side dish, soup and dessert. They are exquisite recipes specially selected from the 205 applications submitted by 109 volunteer corps across the nation, and fulfill the requirements such as: "can satisfy victims’ needs", "can be completed by oneself", "can be cooked in times of disaster", "can be made by all volunteer corps," etc.

A recipe for 100 meals: created for use in the case of the occurrence of a disaster.
Although 3 weeks have passed after an earthquake, disaster victims are still living in evacuation shelters and eating only food in retort pouches. Each recipe takes into consideration the assumption that stress has been built up among the victims.
From the welcomed familiar local flavors to refreshing sweet desserts, lunch recipes for a hundred meals (about 300 yen each) are packed with consideration for the caring of the victims.

Main Dish Dried Curry (a common home-cooked dish in Japan)
A little twist was added to this all-time popular standard hot meal. Dried curry with vegetables and tuna fish. (Gunma Prefecture Chapter)

During the heavy flooding disaster of Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures last September, hot meals such as pork miso soup were provided.