Aiming for True Beauty ~Ms. Sari Nakazawa, Miss Universe Japan

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In September, I visited Jordan where there were many evacuated refugees from Syria. I took part in the refugee assistance activities run by the Jordan Red Crescent Societies.

“I was much moved knowing that the Red Cross offers helping hands world-wide offering humanitarian support to those who are suffering from the conflict. I’m happy to be able to join the Red Cross as a volunteer.”
“My visit to Vietnam & Cambodia as a first year high school student set off my interest in volunteering.” She recalls, “I was very shocked to observe how children live under such severe circumstances. I said to myself that I’m obligated to convey what I saw and felt. This experience urged me to apply the Miss Universe Contest because the Miss Universe International Champion is given the privilege to participate in world-wide charitable activities. My role model is Audrey Hepburn. Not only do I admire her beauty but also her way of life. She contributed half of her lifetime to charitable activities. I would like to strive to achieve a similar lifestyle.”

With this intention in mind, Ms. Nakazawa visited Jordan with the cooperative support of the Japanese Red Cross Society and the Jordan Red Crescent Society. She met with some refugee children who were working to support their families instead of going to school and some mothers who were not able to work due to illness. She speaks of this visit with her eyes shining, “I felt helpless, however as I was chosen as a representative of Japan, I was given an opportunity to speak up through the media. I’d like to use this chance to publicize the situation here.”


Born in Shiga prefecture in 1994. Currently a university student in dentistry. In March 2016 she was chosen to be the Representative of Japan in the “Miss Universe” Contest, which is one of the 3 major Miss contests in the world. Every day, as a part of her preparation for the upcoming International Contest, she takes long walks and lessons in English conversation and etiquette and manners. (The date TBA).

Newsletter, October 2016 by JRCS