The Japanese Red Cross Society’s Response to the Typhoon Hagibis

160617.jpgJRCS Medical Relief Teams are carrying the elderly person who needs support for evacuation (Nagano Prefecture)

 Typhoon Hagibis hit wide areas of eastern Japan, especially Kanto and Tohoku regions from the evening on 12th October 2019. The heavy rainfalls caused rapid increase of river water and many floods, resulted in serious damages in those regions.

 We distributed relief items to the evacuation centers. JRCS Medical Relief Teams were deployed from all over Japan to provide health and safety services to the affected population. We will continue to support for the recovery of those affected.

Medical assistance and psychosocial support (As of Nov. 5th)

We dispatched Medical Relief Teams and Psychosocial Support Teams from 20 chapters, 33 Red Cross Hospitals.


JRCS medical team is checking the health condition of the affected. (Fukushima Prefecture)

Psychosocial Support Teams at the affected areas checked health condition and listened to the affected people so that they could reduce their stress as much as possible. We opened refresh rooms for local government staff who were also affected but still had to focus on their work to support their community people.

Distributing Relief items (As of Oct 31st)


JRCS Miyagi Chapter is preparing for the distribution of the relief items from the warehouse.

・Blankets: 17,579

・Sleeping sets: 2,817

・First aid sets: 3,474

Red Cross Volunteers’ activities


Red Cross Volunteers prepare hot meals and clean the facility to support the evacuees.   


Red Cross Squadron assesses the situation of the affected areas. (Gunma prefecture)

Red Cross Volunteers were in charge of distribution of relief items, preparing hot meals, cleaning mud from the damaged houses. They also supported to manage volunteer centers with those staff.